Sinulog Festival 2019

Sinulog Festival 2018 Schedule of Activities, Route, Festival Date, Grand Parade and Street Party Information - Event Tickets and Cebu Hotel...

Sinulog Festival


Manila, fondly referred to as ‘The Pearl of the Orient’, is a shining gem in Philippines’ treasured tourist destinations, and a must-tour for visitors.

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Cebu is the cultural hub of Philippines, and this makes it easy to understand why the city carries such an extensive appeal for international tourists.

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Davao is a fascinating city located on one of Philippines 7,000 islands. A contrast of sorts, the area is popular with local and foreign tourists.

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Palawan is a picturesque Philippines destination that will have you marveling at this piece of heaven on earth if its attractions are anything to go by.

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Tagaytay City located in Cavite, is one of Philippines’ most popular tourist destinations, thanks to its magnificent scenery and favorable weather.

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Boracay has grown to become one of Philippines’ star tourist attraction if the remarkable development and influx of visitors is anything to go by.

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Camiguin, one of Philippines’ smallest islands, is an unspoiled swath of land that has slowly become popular for those looking for a hidden getaway.

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Iloilo is the second most prominent city in Philippines, after the capital Manila. A rapidly developing city, tourists have found a soft spot for the city.

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Laguna is a popular destination for tourists visiting Philippines, thanks to its amazing natural attractions and a host of man-made delights.

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Mayon Volcano


Bicol, also referred to as Bicolandia, consists of different provinces whose attractions have earned it a spot in the top destinations in Philippines.

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Baguio, pronounced ‘bah-gee-oh’, is a stunning mountain city located in northern Philippines on the island of Luzon, a must-visit for many tourists.

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Chocolate Hills


Bohol, a beautiful province tucked away in the Central Visayas Region, is a stellar tourist attraction, drawing both rookies and seasoned travellers.

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Philippines Tourism

Philippines Tourism is one of the country’s fastest developing sectors, thanks to the numerous tourist attractions and warmth of the people.

In fact, this is one of the most economically viable sector in Philippines. One of the reasons why tourists make their way to this destination in their numbers every year is because of the natural biodiversity. See, Philippines is made up of an archipelago, so the numerous islands that make this country have unique attractions for visitors to enjoy.

Some of the most popular natural attractions include the pristine beaches, the spectacular mountain peaks, the verdant jungles as well as the idyllic islands. There is certainly a full itinerary for the typical adventure-seeker in Philippines.

What’s more, you will find the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines an exciting getaway from the monotony of daily routine. Visitors looking for a picturesque place to steal away some quiet time will surely fall in love with Philippines.

Other must-check attractions include the numerous diving sites (thanks to the presence of thousands of islands), the rolling rice terraces as well as the distinct heritage houses scattered across Philippines. If you would like to experience a handful of these attractions at one location, look no further than the Visayas.

The traditional markets as well as the bazaars are a quintessential part of Philippines Tourism. These options are preferred, thanks to their local feel as well as the ability to give visitors a glimpse into the country’s local scene. All in all, tourism in the Philippines is abuzz with great activity, so you may want to plan a holiday at any of the destinations.